“A cup of Chai feels like a warm hug. Take your time making it, smelling it, relishing it!!”

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Why Cha-¡?

Why Cha-¡ ?

The term CHA-i originates from the Mandarin Chinese word for tea 茶 chá and the Hindi word chai.

Many regions around the world also use the word cha or its derivate to denote tea. I wanted to capture this universal essence of tea and, at the same time, I also wanted to convey that making and drinking tea is an extremely personal experience as well. This is how the ‘i’ came about. Simply put, CHA-i means tea made for you to enjoy.

Different cultures around the world have entire rituals revolving around tea. Sometimes having a cup of tea with someone is not about consuming the tea but rather enjoying the meeting itself. Where I grew up in India, drinking chai is not just a ritual but a way of life. More so than sunrise and sunset, the start and end of each day are marked by the drinking of chai.

Chai is inherent to my culture and identity. For me, the interaction between the tea and the vessels used to cook it and the process of selecting and preparing tea is all part of enjoying the tea. Having lived in Australia for over 17 years, I have constantly been on the search for that familiar yet unmissable taste of chai. I have finally found the perfect blend and now I want to share this with you.

CHA-i was born in an attempt to bring authentic flavours and traditions from around the world to your home. Come along and join me on this incredible journey over a warm cup of delicious chai.

– John

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