“A cup of Chai feels like a warm hug. Take your time making it, smelling it, relishing it!!”

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Welcome to CHA-i

My name is John Solomon and I am the creator of CHA-i.
I. Love. Chai.
The spices, the smell, the taste, the brewing and the delightful anticipation. Every cup takes you on an exotic journey. For me, it’s back to my mother’s home in India where a cup of sweetly spiced chai marked the beginning and end of each day. My goal is to see where it takes you.
That’s why I call my tea CHA-i – because good chai is more than a drink, it’s a personal experience for all your senses.
It begins with carefully hand-selecting the best tea and perfect combination of spices, like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger… and a few other special ones. We use a traditional mortar and pestle to release the aromatics, plus a well-kept secret to make our tea consistently delicious and creamy like no other. And don’t worry, no animals or bees are harmed along the way.
So please, order a bag, peel it open and take a deep whiff. You won’t be disappointed. Take your time making it, sipping it and relishing it. A good cup of chai feels like a warm hug. Just the thing for our busy modern lives. Enjoy.
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